Encounter – Elite Dangerous

March 2, 2015

I’ve been writing music for many years and thought I’d write something for Elite Dangerous, the ED community and folk in general. This track is about the frightening first encounter with a Thargoid alien ship in the game Elite:Dangerous.

I’ve tried to tell a story with this piece. This was pretty much the script in my head:

0.00: In space. Flying near ringed planet.
1.29: Power out..drifting/spinning
1.42: Electrical disturbances outside the ship – not recognisable..
2.35: Ship power back on – what the hell is going on ?!
3.37: Electrical disturbances increasing..becoming very intense
4.38: THARGOID appears from subspace – Massive onslaught of lasers – alien weapons !
5.09: Commander managers to hide in asteroid field. Contemplation. Heavy breathing..in shock !
5.55: Prep the ship for full attack ! Plan attack !
6.26: This is WAR ! Flying through asteroids – lasers everywhere !
6.58: Massive damage to both ships !
7.12: Thargoid explodes. 5% hull lefton your ship….live to fight another day

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